About Us

The Village Club is a volunteer run social club for those who live in Western Springs and surrounding communities. 

The Village Club has been providing newcomers and existing residents with opportunities to meet others in the area, build friendships, and get to know their community for over 100+ years!

Let us help you make some new connections. We currently have 100+ member families and we offer a wide range of activities including:

  • Book Club
  • Bowling League
  • Golf Simulator
  • Ladies Day/ Night Out
  • Guys Night
  • Adult Socials
  • Family Socials
  • Kids Events
  • Holiday Parties
  • Bowling
  • Golf League
  • Bags League
  • Community Events
  • Community Service Opportunities
  • Club Rentals at Lower Fee 

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The Village Club is an IRC 501(c)(7) Social Club organized for pleasure, recreation, and other nonprofitable purposes located at 4221 Lawn Avenue, Western Springs, IL 60558

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