Adult Parties at the Club

No events available.

Past Events

06/16/2022 Summer Sip & Shop
05/05/2022 Cinco De Mayo
04/30/2022 Band Night - Grand Stander
04/21/2022 Spring Sips (WSNN/VC)
03/16/2022 March Madness Smoker^C
03/05/2022 Band Night - BluMax^C
02/25/2022 Wine Tasting (WSNN/VC)^C
01/22/2022 Fight Night/Tequila Tasting
01/20/2022 Men's Bags League
11/18/2021 Wild Turkey Bourbon Tasting
11/11/2021 Thanksgiving Wine Tasting (Pre-Registration Required)
10/30/2021 Halloween Party
10/28/2021 Texas Holdem Tourney
10/02/2021 Oktoberfest
09/10/2021 Gathering AFTER the Green at the VC!!
08/19/2021 Jim Beam vs Jack Daniels: Bourbon Tasting
07/20/2021 Join us Tomorrow! Game 6: NBA Finals Viewing Party
04/08/2021 Bags League
03/17/2021 March Madness Smoker
02/14/2021 Cancelled--Valentine's Partner Yoga
11/08/2020 Wine Down Yoga
10/26/2020 Monday Night Football! Bears Viewing Party
10/23/2020 Bourbon Tasting at the Club
05/08/2020 Virtual Happy Hour
03/17/2020 CANCELLED!--March Madness Smoker--CANCELLED!
02/21/2020 Twisted Vines: Wine Tasting with a Twist
02/16/2020 It's a Lady Gras Party!
01/30/2020 Suspended--Bags League--suspended until further notice---
01/24/2020 Brew Madness - Tournament of Beers (Sponsored by Vigor Media)
01/19/2020 Darts, Cards, & Bowling League Championship
12/13/2019 Ladies Night: Ugly Ornament Exchange
12/07/2019 Reckless-Live Music
11/29/2019 Village Club Homecoming with Arbor Creek LIVE
11/14/2019 Bourbon Tasting at the Club
11/10/2019 Lady Detectives Night: Crack a Cold Case -murder, not beer
11/02/2019 Casino Night
10/18/2019 Brew Madness - Tournament of Beers
09/26/2019 Darts, Cards, & Bowling League

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